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    wind wanker HD

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    wind wanker ultimatu utlra official 4k x 8k

  • 18.05 - ImpishRazor:

    The Super Ultra Legend of Zelda: The Ultimate Wind Waker HD Official 4k x 8k: TURBO Alpha Edition

  • 18.07 - niklas1006:

[Let’s Play] TLoZ: Wind Waker HD - Part 1 - The Adventure Begins!
This is my first episode of my first “let’s play” series, so yes, it will possibly be shit, yes it’ll probably have mic problems, yes the quality of the video might not be as good. But I’m aiming to improve and deliver entertaining videos in the future.

"The beginning of Toon Link’s grand adventure to save his sister and the world.

Note: Some bad language at times. Also, this is taken directly from a livestream, and as such there’s some jumpcuts in it unfortunately. I’m gonna try to accommodate for YouTube viewing when streaming in the future.”

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