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30 Day Video Game Challenge, Day 28: Favorite game developer.

VALVe Software

Because these guys just happen to have made some of my favorite games of all time.

Valve Software is a one of a kind studio. The employees has a lot of creative freedom, they can work on whatever project they like, and they have a huge snack bar at their disposal
I also like the fact that they don’t actually have a boss. Gabe Newell is more like a spokesperson for Valve, but also a developer.

This means that all the employees are sharing the company’s steering wheel. If one person screws up they won’t get kicked out of the car, but rather help out to get back on track. Catch my driftThat’s probably why their employees are (mostly) motivated to keep working, and keep making great games.

At Valve, they prioritize the quality of their games over corporate deadlines. This leads to a lot of their projects being delayed. A lot. That’s where Valve Time comes from.

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