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30 Day Video Game Challenge, final day: Your favorite video game of all time.

HλLF-LIFE2 (Multiplatform, 2004)

Greatest game of all time? Greatest game of all time.

The Half-Life series has to be the games that has left the biggest impression me. Here is why:

While the pacing of Half-Life 2 might be a little bit slower than what Half-Life has, it’s made up with the engaging story that is in it and it’s episodes.
It has less weapons and as I said paced slower than Half-Life 1, but I can’t complain really.

The combat is still the same, fun run and gun as in the original, and also some more ways to combat the evil forces called the Combine, which is introduced in Half-Life 2, along with the antlions. What do they have in common? They both hate each other, and when you’re in the possession of bugbait, you have an entire army of antlions at your disposal.

That’s only scratching the surface of the vast experience that Half-Life 2 has to offer, and I’m obviously not gonna write about the entire game here, so:

Final verdict, a must play for any shooter fan, 10/10.

(Did you know that: The Portal storyline is a part of the Half-Life storyline?)

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